Uganda - "Gumutindo", Mt Elgon, Mbale

Town East of Mbale, on the slopes of Mt Elgon
Region Mbale
Cooperative Gumutindo
Hand pulped, fully washed and sun dried on raised beds

Cupping Notes Sweet aroma with a hint of aniseed, bold full Body. The acidity is good, soft and slightly fruity. The flavour is chocolately, with the soft sweetness of liquorice and dried fruit.

The first group of farmers who later became Gumutindo started working together in 1998; in 2003 they became a fully established cooperative union. There are 10 primary societies, who work to promote the production by their members of consistently superb organic coffee, to market it advantageously and thereby to improve their incomes, livelihoods and communities.

The cooperative is based on the fertile slopes of Mt Elgon which straddles the border with Kenya. The coffee is produced on small family farms, interplanted with banana, yam, corn and other food crops and fertilised primarily by the family cow.It is a washed coffee with big body and a soft sweet acidity. The pulping and washing is done on a very small scale, by hand on the farm. There it is also sorted and dried on racks until it is ready to be sold, it is then processed for export in a plant that Gumutindo has recently built at their compound in Mbale.

Gumutindo women are more involved in all activities of coffee production and at the management level. The "Gumutindo Coffee Cooperative Enterprise Board" is a team of 9 members with 4 being women. Women are also taking up leadership positions in the societies that make up the cooperative.